Frequently Asked Questions

As you may have guessed, it depends a lot on the project. Simple websites with few pages can take as little as a few days. Larger websites or E-commerce sites take between 3-8 weeks.
Yes, we can make improvements to your current website to make it look modern, speed it up, add new functionality, or add support for mobile devices.
Anyone who gives you a straight answer to this question is usually not telling you the full story. SEO is incredibly complex! However, we do work in line with the best practices which means we can say your website has the best chance of being #1.
There are 3 things you need when you buy a website - The domain is the name of the website such as, the hosting, which is the computer running round the clock to serve your website files, and the design. We can provide all of this, and even help you to maintain your website once it's built.
Yes, we will assess what you'll need to change early on and code your website specifically to your needs. This ensures your site loads super fast whilst keeping it customisable to your needs.
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