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How do we approach Web Design

How we use special techniques to make our websites look engaging to the brain

3 years ago | The Author, Charlie Cooper by Charlie Cooper

There are some clever tricks that make websites look good. I’ll go through the design process and the toolbox we use to make websites look great.

What is Web Design?

If you have experience with digital designing, you probably know that often it’s obvious when a design isn’t quite right.

It’s almost as if there’s a set of rules that make a design look good, and appeal to more people. Web Design practices experience this too, and it’s like following your own creative rulebook.

3 Rules that we use

Invisible Lines

Our brain has a natural instinct to make sense out of things that appear random, and so it finds things that follow a straight line pleasing. The next step is invisible straight lines – alignment of elements that discreetly line up perfectly.

If you’re viewing this page on a desktop, you’ll be able to see this in practice. The title of this blog follows down aligning with the side of all the text down to the footer, where it continues to line up perfectly.


Keep it simple!

The best-looking website design is actually quite quiet. What I mean by that is that empty space is a good thing, and filling a page with text makes your site look too busy.

Have you ever found yourself reading a blog, seen a huge paragraph ahead, and decided to leave? Seeing loads of text and images can often be too much for us! We’re passionate about keeping things spaced out, slick, easy to use, and speedy.


Color Matching

The final thing that is essential to good web design practices is keeping colors uniform. Take colors from your logo and stick to them – then add white to the palette if it isn’t there already. There should be no more than 4 colors that are used and they should all match nicely. This takes some skill and appeals to the side of the brain that likes things to be easy to navigate visually.

Can Orange Moon Help?

I hope this has given you a bit of an idea of what website design is, and how it goes much deeper than simply how a webpage looks. If you’d like us to design your website for you, get in touch for a chat – we can help you with an existing site, or design a new one according to your needs.

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