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Orange Moon can build solutions that convert simple user input to an advanced coded output

3 years ago | The Author, Charlie Cooper by Charlie Cooper

One of the greatest challenges in Web Development is bridging the gap between developers and end-users; creating a site that anyone can make changes to without breaking a sweat.

The WordPress engine is built on a post-type structure which makes things simple in the back end, and the addition of custom fields web development kit leads the way for the support of advanced templates that can be coded once by developers, and easily configured by practically anyone.

The combination of these tools is extremely powerful and lays the foundations for WordPress doing the work to accomplish the biggest development tasks.


How can Custom Post Types and ACF be used together?

eCommerce Websites

Custom Fields are perfect for eCommerce web development. Let’s say some of your products take longer to ship than others – You need to show a message on them that reciprocates this.

Instead of going deep into your file system and making adjustments manually, you can just hit ‘Edit Product’, Tick a box, and hit save. The page will adjust itself for that product alone. This is made possible by web development techniques that we deploy.

Property Websites

After a developer has set up post type and a custom PHP template with Custom Fields, staff at an estate agent can seamlessly create categorised, searchable, home listings that look elegant simply by filling in the key info such as price & address. They can even upload the images easily.

Portfolio Based Websites

Let’s take photography as an example. Imagine if you needed to book web development time every time you did a shoot and wanted to add it to your portfolio – It would cost a lot of money! With post types and custom fields, a beautiful template can be made once and you’d be able to add shoots in the backend by simply giving it a title, uploading the images, and hitting save. The template we make would do all the coding!

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