Development vs – The Big Differences

They both have "WordPress" in the name, but they offer completely different experiences.

3 weeks ago | The Author, Charlie Cooper by Charlie Cooper

Believe it or not, one of the most common mistakes new website builders make is confusing with Let’s look at the key differences to help you choose the right platform.

The Big Difference is Hosting is a hosted platform
Think of it like renting a house. takes care of everything – the space (server storage), the utilities (security, maintenance), and even some of the furniture (themes). It’s easy to set up, perfect for beginners.
This is where you download WordPress software for free ready to install it on your web hosting. It’s more like building your own house. You have control over everything, but you’re also responsible for the foundation (web hosting), the roof (security updates), and all the décor (themes and plugins).

Easy to use
Free plan available
WordPress takes care of the technical stuff
Limited customization
Free plan displays ads
Only a select few plugins can be used

Full control
Endless possibilities
WordPress itself is free
Steeper learning curve
You’ll need to pay for Hosting
You’re responsible for keeping your website secure

Choosing the Right Platform – A Summary

If you’re new to making websites and want a simple, user-friendly platform, is a great choice. The free plan lets you experiment and get comfortable with the very basics of website creation.

If you want full control over your site and the freedom to customise it, is the best choice. Be prepared to invest some time in learning how it works and managing the technical side.

So, the next time you hear “WordPress,” check the “.com” or “.org” to understand what kind of experience you can expect. Whichever platform you choose, WordPress offers a powerful and versatile way to build your online presence.

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